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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hot Toddy recovery

Something is going around Los Angeles that is somewhere between cold and flu, between sinusitis and bronchitis, between middle-age torture and the torture of the Middle Ages.

In your moments of wheeze and pain, consider the Hot Toddy.

Type in “toddy” and there are no less than twenty-two toddies listed at our favored cocktail database. Among our favorites:

Apple Toddy
(applejack based)
Hot Brandy Toddy
Hot Buttered Toddy (with floating butter pat)
Hot Rum Toddy (very similar to an American Grogg) (rum based)
Hot Whiskey Lemonade

If you simply must have a coffee-based drink and you want a toddy too, you’re in trouble. But consider adding a cinnamon stick and floating some nutmeg on a drink invented by our editor, El Americano Tranquilo. Make it with a shot of espresso, instead of a coffee top-off, and fill the rest with hot water. What you’ll get is the engagingly spurious Espresso Tranquilo, which beats the hell out of your mocha frappucino every day.

Try one. Fire up the Schubert, or maybe Das Lied von Der Erde, sit back, and let nature and antibiotics take their inevitable course.

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