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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Jumper Cable

COME NOW the binge drinkers known as America’s Youth, long on consumption, short on contrition, but ever resourceful and even inventive when called to duty.
Give them a can of Jolt Cola and you know they’re going to do something useful with it.
Consider it done!

The Jumper Cable

1.0 can Jolt Cola Cola
5.0 cubes Ice
1.0 shot Bacardi Rum
Noted: You must use Jolt. That is, if you want it to be a Jumper Cable. Otherwise, you’ll have a Rum and Coke! Maybe even a Cuba Libre!
Depending on whether or not you feel like flirting with sex (6-1), money (10-1), publicity (2-1) or drunkenness (4-1), we recommend flirting with the rum/Jolt ratio. And squeeze some lime in to pretend you’re approaching civility and to honor the Caribbean’s contribution.
Ah youth. Wasted on the young, again! Do remember to drink less, but better.

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