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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Tom & Jerry

Joseph Barbera, 1911-2006. Wiki entry here. The pencil behind the Tom and Jerry cartoons. Obit: “Hanna, who died in 2001, once said he was never a good artist but his partner could ‘capture mood and expression in a quick sketch better than anyone I’ve ever known.’”

Noted: a line from The Apartment: “The tree is up and the Tom & Jerry mix is in the refrigerator.”

How to make a Tom & Jerry:


1 egg yolk (1/2 oz, 1.5 cl, 1/8 gills)
1 tsp sugar (4 dashes)
1 1/2 oz light rum (4.5 cl, 3/8 gills)
1/4 tsp allspice (1 dash)

Mix vigorously

Fill with hot water

Add nutmeg
1 egg white, beat until stiff & pour into mix (1/2 oz, 1.5 cl, 1/8 gills)
1/2 oz brandy, stirred in (1.5 cl, 1/8 gills)
Serve in a cup (6.0 oz)

As with all cocktails, don’t use any mix but your own.

As with all drink recipes, accept no substitutes: use Dr. Cocktail’s Cocktail DB.

Lest we mislead, let’s clarify: Tom & Jerry the yuletide drink came wayyyy before Tom & Jerry the cartoon.

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