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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Whiskey Sour

It is shockingly bad form to drink whisky at any time at all before noon.
–Alma Whitaker, Bacchus Behave! The Lost Art of Polite Drinking, p. 27

But never mind that. This is October, a poem of an afternoon, and the stretch from waking to nightfall will hopefully be mercifully short anyway.

We are always reticent to tell others what they should drink. But Joy at The Drawing Room recommends a parting Whiskey Sour, and we are quite pleased with it. Whiskeyish and citrusy, it suits the moment perfectly. The sun shone through the door gently as the day’s final rays do, and there it was: a perfect Whiskey Sour, backlit.

It may have been years since you’ve had a Whiskey Sour. You may even have never had one before. Let us refresh your memory:
Whiskey Sour
Shake in iced cocktail shaker & strain
1 oz fresh lemon juice (3 cl, 1/4 gills)
1/2 tsp sugar (2 dashes)
1 1/2 oz rye or Bourbon whiskey (4.5 cl, 3/8 gills)
1/2 orange juice (optional) (1 1/2 oz, 4.5 cl, 3/8 gills)
Add lemon wedge, cherry
Serve in a sour glass (4.0 oz)
nihil obstat: The Cocktail Database (cocktaildb.com)
Citrus, whiskey….what’s not to love? It will work well with your sleek Bach/Busoni partita on the Bose and the autumn Santa Ana rolling across the sunshine. It is a fitting drink with which to honor the season—the American whiskey makes it so—and yet tangy enough for fall. The sour glass—think half an hourglass—is the essential stemware. And its shape is a good reminder: you should sip your Whiskey Sour over a minimum of half an hour.

Use a good whiskey. And this is a particularly nasty week to drive anywhere, so lose your keys.

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