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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Amaretto Sour

Those are today's moonshadow roses at dusk. I'd love to show you my Amaretto Sour. But it disappeared before I could find my cellphone.

It wasn't a particularly good day; no, you couldn't say that by even a Willie McCovey stretch. And the afternoon, and the early evening unfolded no better.

But madamina was baking chocolate cakes with Amaretto, and Amaretto Sour came to mind.

"Can I use this for a Sour?" I asked her, holding the bottle up.

"Two dollars a pour," she said. After I set the bottle down, she added, "It's cheaper than at a bar, that's for sure."

But after dinner she yielded, and I fingered the lemons. Amaretto is sweet, enough so that the sourest lemon in the bunch would have sufficed. But I wanted dessert, so I opted for a Meyer, which runs sweeter than the others.

The ratio is two parts Amaretto to one part lemon juice. Over rocks in a sour glass or even a tumbler. Don't start with a full bottle, because these are exceptionally smooth, and you may not stop.

For ideas on how to garnish appropriately, consult the Doctor's Cocktaildb.

It's a perfect drink for April.