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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Seven Unknown Favorites

Clancy's, doing the martini right. Photo: me, 1.27.09

You likely already know too much about me. Yet here are seven more things you don't know about me, at the request of Rodger Jacobs.

  1. My favorite sandwich in town is the catfish sandwich at 410 Boyd.
  2. My favorite swim trunks are Billabongs, because they have a bottle opener built into the pocket comb.
  3. My favorite martini in town is a Beefeater martini at Clancy's Crab Broiler in Glendale, complete with enormous water back and gin pony in an ice bath (see above).
  4. My favorite dive bar is Dave's in Glendale. Truly deplorable, situated next to a pawn shop called "Once a Pawn a Time." Conveniently catecorner to the Glendale Police Department.
  5. My favorite bartender in town is Fernando at Taix, and he has been for over twenty years, and I'll bet he still doesn't know my name, and I am sure he is fifty times more friendly towards me than anyone who does.
  6. My favorite drink in town is Fernando's sazerac. It would be perfect with the catfish at 410 Boyd. You'd never need to go to New Orleans in March again.
  7. On at least every other birthday I have a rare New York steak and a martini at Taylor's in La Canada.
Passed along to Colleen Wainwright, Colleen Graham, Rick Lyke, Alexandra Le Tellier, Debbie Lopez, Jason Toney, Eric Richardson.

1 comment:

the communicatrix said...

Damn. A martini *and* booze on the side with a water back? I do not get out enough.