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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fernet for foment

Caro diario: I needed a shot of Fernet after the foment of the finish of Gabriel Hart's novel The Intrusion.  Just an old shotglass with an ice cube and the drink that is at once illness and cure.  Meeting the author later to-day a little ways down Sunset to discuss.  My crib notes are cribbed from the best: Greil Marcus, Tom Wolfe, Richard Hell, Stephen Duncombe, Henry Miller.  Oh, and I will lay Auden's poem "The Novelist" on the author/singer/songwriter.  It's his to accept or reject.  I see two paths emerging: one is narrative, the other is surrealist.  "The Novelist" tells us that the novelist needs to be ordinary.  I'm not sure Gabe wants that.  On the other hand, we only call Tropic of Cancer a novel because we have no other word for it.  The narrative itself is often an--intrusion.  This should be a fun conversation.

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