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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Golden Gloves

Almost a tropical day to-day here in LA, so I read an almost tropical book, Balthazar from the Alexandria Quartet, and built an almost tropical cocktail called a Golden Gloves. If you are in SoCal and growing Meyer lemons, this might be your favorite summer drink of all, because a Meyer will lend sweetness to it (I don't use Meyers for twists, howevertoo thin-skinned for me). It's like a daiquiri only you use lemon juice rather than lime juice, muddle the sugar with it of course, and add some Cointreau or ordinary triple sec. Gold rum, please, if you don't know that about daiquiris.  This book to me is the hottest of the hothouse that is the Alexandria Quartet, the most lyrical, the most poetic, and the one in which we learn of the affair between Clea and Justine.  I am on the other side of the reading room: the southwest corner of the penumbra of the walnut today, prepping for the eclipse by reading something that often eclipses my life, though I keep trying for it not to.

If you'd like a more obliging recipe, I'm sure CocktailDB has one going.

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