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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kamikaze & Balalaika

Caro diario: this is after 750 words at a blog, 750 words for a column, and 750 more words on a novel--a perfect balance to-day.  This is a Kamikaze, not one of those Kamikazes you've seen studs toss back in singles bars, but an honest-to-god one--with about three parts vodka, one part lime, and half a part triple sec.  And by the way, if you want to substitute lemon for lime, go ahead--that makes it a Balalaika.  The book--the book is a wonderful encyclopedic narrative entitled The Geometry of Pasta by London chef Jacob Kenedy, which tells the story of every pasta you know and many I promise that you don't and is accompanied by wonderful line-shot pasta diagrams such as the one you see on the right leaf, by Caz Hildebrand.  They are easy to interchange, Kamikaze and Balalaika--just remember--Kamikaze has the lime, think of a key lime, with all those K's...and Balalaika has the lemon, think of Lululemon and all those L's. And the whole reason it's called a Kamikaze is that these are almost too easy to drink as might a soft drink...so don't do that, or you will indeed go divebombing something or other.

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