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Friday, May 25, 2012

An Old Fashioned Federalist

Caro Diario: Let me say that I find nothing old-fashioned about an Old Fashioned.  Jim Beam, the noble plodding garden variety bourbon, does well, because it is sweet enough to honor all the fruit in such a drink but lately I have not objected to Buffalo Trace (and I prefer Buffalo Trace for the vermouth sibling rivalry,  a Manhattan).  Sometimes for an Old Fashioned, I muddle the sugar with Peychaud's rather than Angostura bitters because I like the edge of anise in an otherwise sweet drink.  But a well-made Old Fashioned is one of the juiciest contemporary drinks on our biosphere, in my Humble O.  I can't think of a better way to slipstream into the Memorial Day Weekend than to sip one of these while taking in Federalist No. 51--and I found a good image of Dolly Madison saving some vital American docs to cap the copy I made.  This Paper paints a compelling case for keeping the various departments of government separate--as long as you keep them out of my own backyard, I am down with that.

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