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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ulanda and me

Are you seeing a whiff of the green fairy in it? Good, because that's how I made mine.  A Ulanda cocktail is two parts gin, one part triple sec, and a good splash of anis, or, as I used here, absinthe.  The book is Pritchett, my favorite short story author, vurrry late.  The drink is close to a Vesper but the offsetting of bitter and sweeter is even sharper.  I guess you could call it also a Sicilian Vesper, and I'm not going to help you out of that one.  Ulanda is good enough for me, and I dare you to walk into a bar and order one--it is, in fact, one of the best-known drinks among mixologists, but not taught much in either bartending schools or on the job.  Try to change that, will you? But why walk into a bar mid-summer? In thirty-two years, I want to be where Pritchett was when he wrote this collection--ungainly paisley and hounds' tooth, some kind of wool pants you can only wear after a lifetime of contrary living--the bottom half of a mohair suit, really.

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